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What's for Dinner? with Susan Youmnas | Monday & Friday at 7:30pm Eastern

About Susan Youmnas

Susan Youmans has a different guest each week with a role in the huge global to local network of food production and distribution. You hear voices of farmers and entrepreneurs; organizers, chefs, and fishermen; policy makers and businessmen. They get across how the high and changing stakes there are in a world where severe draughts in Asia affect food prices in the US and new forms of financial speculation create continuing threats of food crises.

Susan is in her 15th year of working with people on farms and in food-related businesses. She ran an organic raspberry u-pick and a non profit organization whose partner was a Dorchester, MA, church with a city lot-sized garden. Before that she was a management consultant, attended business school and seminary, and grew up in Ohio as a granddaughter of generations of farmers.

Susan is always curious to know why something's happening and who it will affect. She likes getting behind mainstream media stories about big agriculture, local food, and food regulation. She loves tying together the facts and the specific details - what a rancher still has to do in winter on the range, what's on a young farmer's mind, and what gives peasants in a southern hemisphere country hope to keep organizing.

About What's for Dinner?

What's For Dinner? is about the people involved in getting food to U.S. dinner tables. Their stories reveal the workings of economic power, political influence and the hard work of individuals who want to make a difference.

The show has an edge because today everyone has an issue with what they or other people are eating - where it comes from, what's in it, who's profiting from it.

Food and agriculture matter when people want to know how to keep healthy and who's doing what to their food. Susan thinks they also want to know how the world's farms come into play in international negotiations, if US school food will raise up a generation of students who can be good soldiers, if people are hungrier because of US agriculture policy.

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What's for Dinner? with Susan Youmnas - Monday & Friday at 7:30pm Eastern

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