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Rush Hour with Chris Rush | Monday - Friday at 4:00pm Eastern

About Chris Rush (The Rushman)

People told me my name was cool & not to change it. Many don't believe Chris Rush is my real name. Two friends from high school used to call me Rush Man! So I kept that too & now most everyone calls me that.

I began broadcasting when I was 16 years old for a CHR station in Brewer called The All Hit Fox 104.7 in '89. I spent a few years there part time before moving to a full time job doing nights in Camden at a Hot AC station, Coast 102.5 in '92. A night time jock opportunity arose in Ellsworth later that same year at an Oldies Station, Oldies 95.7 WWMJ that paid better so I took the job. It wasn't long when they decided to go automated so my time there was short lived. It was then I looked into a part time job at Stephen Kings Rock Station, 100.3 WKIT in '93. It was fun working there but I wanted full time work. That's when a full time opportunity came from the 1st station I worked for in Brewer, The Fox for an overnight / morning co host which I accepted in '94. I remember feeling unhappy with the morning show host & his negativity to our show often & actively looked for another position that I could feel happy with. The evening show at WTOS was available so I applied for it. In September of '94 I became the evening jock at 105 WTOS The Mountain of Pure Rock where I would stay for 14 years. It was there I developed a true name for myself & became respected in the business. I soon was moved to afternoons & developed Rush Hour which I carried on after my time at TOS.

In July of '08 Blueberry Broadcasting ended my reign at WTOS. Multiple cuts were made & I was one of those who was shown the door. After a month of severance I went to WKIT again & received another part time job in September of that year. I was always frustrated because nothing full time would ever open up at WKIT but I took what was available & appreciated the work. I got a call from Mountain Wireless Inc who were the 1st owners of TOS & they had a frequency, a Classic Rock station, The River 93.5, that they wanted me to make shine in October of '09. I thought it exciting so I took on the challenge. Me & the GM put our minds together & thought up & winning format that would prove to be in March of '10. It became 93.5 The Edge which was The Best Classic & 90's Rock.

In less than six months we tied WTOS Men 25-54 which was an unheard of accomplishment. The station became larger than what was expected. But like the owners had been known to do with that frequency in the past, this winning format was changed in early '11. I was dumb founded yet again & out of work. I spoke with Radio Boss earlier this year & he had an idea for an on-line station called MainesXtremeRock.com (KMXR) that he wanted me to be the featured personality. Being frustrated from my past experiences & knowing that this could be a chance to create something that wouldn't let me down like I was in the past, I took on another challenge.

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Rush Hour with Chris Rush - Monday - Friday at 4:00pm Eastern

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