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On The Street with Wayne Metrano | Tuesday at 7:00pm Eastern

ON THE STREET (airdate: 01-02-16)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 12-19-15)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 12-12-15)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 12-05-15)

Tonight's Guests: Anne C. Speckhard, Lt. Col (Ret) Denny Gillem

ON THE STREET (airdate: 11-21-15)

Tonight's Guests: Ryan Mauro, Dr. Paul Coleman, Anastasia Olive McGee

ON THE STREET (airdate: 11-07-15)

Tonight's Guests: John Ventre, Owen Eichler, Philip Goldberg

ON THE STREET (airdate: 10-31-15)

Tonight's Guests: Ted Rall, Louisa Oakley Green

ON THE STREET (airdate: 10-17-15)

Tonight's Guests: Michael Fjetland, Dr. Chester Wilk

ON THE STREET (airdate: 10-10-15)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 10-03-15)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 09-19-15)

Tonight's Guests: Robert K. Lifton, Dr. Rosalene Glickman

"An Entrepreneur's Journey: Stories From A Life In Business and Personal Diplomacy" - This is the story of Bob Lifton who was born in Brooklyn in 1928 to a working class Jewish family and grew up to lead a fascinating life in business and politics that connected him to remarkable people from artists and scientists to kings. With his business partner, a World War II war hero, Lifton's entrepreneurial spirit led him to a broad range of business endeavors, including an Oscar winning movie score, ownership of the U S men's National Soccer Team, being landlord to Donald Trump in Atlantic City and buying the Navy aircraft carrier he served on. Their company was the first to integrate a hotel in the South. As President of the American Jewish Congress, and Co-Chair of the Middle East Project of the Council on Foreign Relations, Lifton interacted with Prime Ministers of Israel and heads of Arab nations with a focus on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His story will introduce the famous and infamous, describing his conversations with Presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, winning the gratitude of President George H.W. Bush, meetings with Nelson Mandela and Yasser Arafat and fending off overtures from Jimmy Hoffa.

Robert K. Lifton served as president of The American Jewish Congress from 1988-94; President of the Israel Policy Forum and co-chair of the International Board of the Middle East Project of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is currently writing a memoir titled: "Life's Stories and Lessons from the Greatest Generation."

Donald Trump is loud, offensive and he's the reason many people watched last night's GOP debate. What is his appeal (besides his entertainment value) and what kind of president would he be? Dr. Rosalene Glickman says she knows what makes him tick. Glickman has analyzed the thinking patterns of more than 145,000 executives, 6,500 companies, and 500,000 individuals and says, "Trump exhibits one of the most dramatic thinking patterns, alternating between extraordinarily positive, extraordinarily negative, and optimal thinking. His thinking is often controversial, yet predictable, regardless of the situation." Invite Glickman on your show to reveal Trump's thinking profile, his core motivation, management style, and what America—and the world-could expect from President Trump. Glickman is the creator of the popular Optimal Thinking 360 Assessment.

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 09-12-15)

Tonight: What Happens During Hajj?

This month more than two million Muslims from all over the world will make their way to the Saudi Arabian ciry of Mecca, completeing much of the final journey on foot, to live in the tent city of Mina and pray together in a holy mosque. All Muslims who can afford to do so are asked to make this holy pilgrimage once in their lifetime in order to complete the fifth pillar of Islam. In 2008, Sam Mak and her husband took their then 12 year-old son on the journey known as hajj; it was nothing short of a life-changing experience for them. Hear how she spent four days living in the five-mile long tent city where as many as two million people at a time find temporary living quarters. [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 08-22-15)

Tonight: Female Agent - Inside the Secret Service

Sue Ann Baker navigated a new frontier for women as one of the very first female Secret Service Agents. Hear true stories from her years as an agent, what it was like to work in an all male environment, and about the history of the USSS. Baker protected Eleanor McGovern, Shirley Chisholm, Princess Caroline of Monaco, and Tito among others. In between protective assignments, Sue Ann investigated counterfeiters, check forgers, and intelligence cases. Sue Ann Baker's new book is "Behind the Shades: A Female Secret Service Agent's True Story." [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 08-15-15)

Tonight's Guests: Dr. Peter Ward

The ozone layer, 12-to-19 miles above us, makes life on Earth possible by absorbing most of the hottest sunlight that burns our skin, causes skin cancer, and causes outdoor furniture to fade and fall apart. But Dr. Peter Ward says this summer the ozone layer is thinner than usual because of a very large eruption of a little-known volcano in Central Iceland. [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 08-08-15)

Tonight's Guests: Lisa Durden, Dr. Michael Salla

ON THE STREET (airdate: 07-25-15)

Tonight: Hypocrisy of Iran Nuclear Deal, Nuclear Lies, Deceptions and Hypocrisies

On Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew will discuss the new Iran nuclear deal before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Alice Slater says, "The hypocrisy of the U.S. and other nuclear weapons states who are modernizing their nuclear arsenals, with the U.S. having actually tested in Nevada a new dummy nuke bunker buster bomb this month, is breathtaking as we single out Iran for special and more stringent rules for compliance with the NPT than we require of other countries such as Japan and Brazil who have huge uranium enrichment programs, for example." Slater is with the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and the Abolition 2000 coordinating committee. [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 06-27-15)

Tonight's Guests: Kevin Alexander Gray, Gerald Horne, Billy Gordon

ON THE STREET (airdate: 06-13-15)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 05-30-15)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 05-16-15)

Tonight's Guest: Colonel Robert Sholly

ON THE STREET (airdate: 04-18-15)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 03-21-15)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 03-14-15)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 02-07-15)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 01-31-15)

Tonight's Guests: Norman Soloman, John Ventre, David Drake

ON THE STREET (airdate: 12-27-14)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 12-13-14)

Tonight's Guests: Jack Duffy, Mel Goodman, Bryan T. Brooks

ON THE STREET (airdate: 12-06-14)

Tonight's Guests: Dr. Michael Salla, Professor William Sousa, Milt Quibner and Mia Matters, and Elizabeth Passo

ON THE STREET (airdate: 11-29-14)

Tonight's Guests: Bill Sousa, the director of the Center for Crime and Justice Policy and an associate professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Nevada, Teddie Barrett, and Comedian Chance Langston [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 11-22-14)

Tonight's Guests: CEO of Phoenix Revolution Casey Glynn, Dr. Tommy Watson, Ed. D., ACC

ON THE STREET (airdate: 11-15-14)

Tonight's Guests: Robert Mazur, Beverly Nadler, Buck Jones, Casey Glynn

ON THE STREET (airdate: 11-08-14)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 10-11-14)

Tonight's Guests: Dr. Meryl Nass; Eli Friedman; Kim Baker

ON THE STREET (airdate: 09-27-14)

Tonight's Guests: Douglas Leiblein; Dr. Tracy Kemble

ON THE STREET (airdate: 09-13-14)

Tonight's Guests: Actress/Author Dee Wallace; Ali Al Ahmed, director of the Institute for Gulf Affairs

ON THE STREET (airdate: 09-06-14)

Tonight's Guest: Nick Yarris - "7 Days to Live"; CEO/Inventor Daniel Wartel - Unique Business Designs, LLC

ON THE STREET (airdate: 08-30-14)

Tonight's Guests: Islamic Specialist Kenneth P. Lizzo; Radio Broadcast and Pastor Alvin T. Riley - "Living and Learning" (airs Sunday's on CyberStationUSA.com)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 08-23-14)

Tonight's Guests: A disscussion on the assassination of Journalist James Foley; Michael Shank; Kate Hellmers

ON THE STREET (airdate: 08-02-14)

Tonight's Guests: Sandra Miniere, M.Ed. - "A Lighter Side to Cancer"

ON THE STREET (airdate: 08-02-14)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 07-26-14)

Tonight's Guests: Robert K. Lifton, Tammy Kabell ("The True State of the Job Market")

ON THE STREET (airdate: 06-21-14)

Tonight's Guests: Singles compatibility consultant Kerrie Hopkins and Former NSA Officer Willian Binney (Definite DO NOT MISS!!)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 06-07-14)

Tonight's Guests: Singles compatibility consultant Kerrie Hopkins and Former NSA Officer Willian Binney (Definite DO NOT MISS!!)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 05-24-14)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 05-17-14)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 03-25-14)

Tonight's Guests: International law expert John Quigley Crimea - Contrast with Iraq War Amid signs the uneasy standoff between pro-Russian and Ukrainian forces could ignite into bloody conflict - a day after Moscow claimed Crimea as its own - almost 300 armed pro-Russian supporters took over the naval base in Sevastopol. As the situation unfolds, international law expert John Quigley examines whether the annexation of Crimea is legal? "The annexation is probably legitimate. There were issues with the referendum, but it's a fair representation of the will of the people living in Crimea." Quigley dealt with conflicts between Ukraine and Russia arising from the breakup of the USSR on behalf of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. He recently wrote
the piece "Finding a Way Forward for Crimea," for the Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law. He is professor emeritus of international law at Ohio State University.

John Blumenthal - Approaching middle age used to mean a red Ferrari and dating a model. But in today's midlife crisis, men are more willing to confront past mistakes and, according to screenwriter, novelist and Huffington Post blogger John Blumenthal, more apt to reflect on their past lives and questions on what the future holds. In his third novel, THREE AND A HALF VIRGINS, Blumenthal looks at the midlife crisis as a way to repent and seek forgiveness for youthful indiscretions. That's the plan - and quite possibly a sentiment shared by aging guys everywhere. [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 02-11-14)

Tonight's Guests: Frank Vernuccio - There is no doubt in the minds of scientists that the earth is on a collision course with more asteroids, even ones big enough to cause the same kind of destruction that befell the dinosaurs. An international conference was just held to address the crisis. Despite that, NASA's budget continues to be reduced, along with that of the military, which would cooperate with the space agency in deflecting it. Frank Vernuccio discusses the this.

Survival Doctor, James Hubbard. A long-time family physician and survival expert, he'll tell you why you should have honey on your medicine shelf, the first thing to do to a bleeding wound, the warm-up method that can damage skin, and 7 things you should do if you're stranded in your car with children. [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 02-04-14)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 01-28-14)

Tonight's Guests: Dr. Anne Speckhard, World Renowned Expert on the Psychology of Terrorism and Author of Several Books Including Talking to Terrorists, Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy SEAL's Journey to Coming out Transgender and Fetal Abduction: The True Story of Multiple Personalities and Murder. With the recent suicide bombings that killed 34 people and injured dozens more in Russia, and the sighting of Ruzana Ibragimova, just how safe are the Winter Olympic Games? Dr. Anne Speckhard, Ph.D. has studied the Chechens intensively, constructing psychological autopsies on over half of the 115 Chechen suicide bombers—half of them women—to understand what put them on the terrorist trajectory and what might have prevented or taken them back off it. World-renowned expert on Terrorism, Dr. Speckhard examines these threats and compares female terrorists to the more frequently used male terrorists and discusses how the Chechens have used female suicide bombers from the start—to blow up airplanes, subways, trains, military checkpoints, to take over the Beslan school and Moscow theater—holding thousands hostage to their demands. Can something similar happen in Sochi?

Dr. Jamie Turndorf: Wondering how stripping solves relationship conflicts? KISS YOUR FIGHTS GOOD-BYE: Heated fighting triggers a biochemical imbalance in men that causes them to flee from conflict. The technical name for this is the Demand/Withdraw Negative Escalation Cycle, also known as Husband Withdrawal-the number one cause of marital and relationship strife, divorce, and domestic violence. Dr. Jamie Turndorf's techniques, based on 30 years of research out of her Center for Emotional Communication, transform conflict into connection for a lifetime of lasting love. Known to millions as "Dr. Love," radio and television personality Dr. Jamie Turndorf has been delighting audiences for three decades with her engaging blend of professional expertise and spicy humor. Her success is largely due to her remarkable ability to turn clinical psychobabble into entertaining and easy-to-understand concepts that transform lives. She has authored several books on resolving relationship conflicts with partners, friends, family members and children. Hay House is publishing her latest two books, Kiss Your Fights Good-bye: Dr. Love's 10 Simple Steps to Cooling Conflict and Rekindling Your Relationship (January 2014) and Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased (July 2014), Dr. Turndorf's radio show "Ask Dr. Love" is currently broadcast in 80 countries worldwide. She is the "go to" relationship expert on numerous television and online networks, such as CBS, VH1, WebMD, and MSNBC. Most recently, CNN has been featuring her as the resident authority on relationship advice and human behavior.

Deb Bowen - Foremost Authority on Nudism as a Lifestyle, Clothing Optional & Lifestyle Expert. When society embraces an idea such as nudism, so much can come from it. Being open to new ideas is key to improving life as a whole. Authority on Nudism Deb Bowen answers all your burning questions about what it's like to be a nudist! [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 01-21-14)

Tonight: Technology, the NSA, Love, what a mix of a do not miss episode!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 01-14-14)

Tonight's Guests: Mark Stevens - a marketing and leadership expert, author of "Your Marketing Sucks" and CEO of MSCO, a global marketing consultancy based in New York. New Jersey Governor Christie dismissed two top aides for their involvement in closing down access lanes to the George Washington Bridge last year, a move that tied up traffic for four days. Is that enough to diffuse the scandal? Not according to Mark Stevens, a leadership "Leadership means there is no place to hide. A CEO - or governor, owner or boss - can never hide behind the people he or she stands in front of."

George Chakiris - Academy Award & Golden Globe winner is perhaps best known internationally for his role of Bernardo in West Side Story. Late last year, Chakiris received what many refer to as the highest honor in Hollywood - His Hand and Foot Prints were placed in cement for all history in connection with the 50th anniversary of classic film West Side Story which premiered at Grauman's 50 years ago. [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 12-31-13)

Tonight: We take a look back through 2013 and... wait, what???

ON THE STREET (airdate: 12-10-13)

Tonight's Guests: We start off with special guest co-host Jeremy Lacey, then in hour 2 - Beate Chelette, Nationally Known Gender Decoder and Speaker; Creator of *The Women's Code and Author of Happy Woman Happy World.

Female leadership traits are different from male ones because women think and feel differently. Women can only succeed (and avoid burnout along the way) if they embrace who they naturally are rather than trying to emulate male leadership traits. So, with two completely different styles... who is superior in business? Beate Chelette discusses the difference between Men and Women in life. For more information on Beate Chelette, visit: http://TheWomensCode.com and find the book at http://HappyWomanHappyWorld.com,

The to Finish hour 2 - Jeff Pinsker, President of Klutz sending copies of The World According to Klutz for giveaway Each Boxed Set in The World According to Klutz includes three full-color paperbacks that cover ridiculously brilliant inventions, the greatest facts in the history of facts, and simple steps to take to make sure that you never grow up. Included in The World According to Klutz box-set—the experts at Klutz have answers to all of life’s most pressing questions! Is the sky really blue? Why does toast always land butter side down? Does playing the lottery actually help you win? What weighs more: a cloud or a 747 airliner? Find out! http://mediaroom.scholastic.com/klutz; www.klutz.com [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 11-26-13)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 11-19-13)

ON THE STREET (airdate: 10-29-13)

On the show this week: Dr. Mark Pitstick; Psychic Clifford Coull

ON THE STREET (airdate: 10-29-13)

On the show this week: Jesse Ventura

ON THE STREET (airdate: 09-03-13)

On the show this week: Lisa Daftari - Journalist/Commentator - Specializing in Mid East/Counterterrorism/Iran Affairs: Events in the Middle East Are in a constant change Join us with our guest Lisa Daftari, Well Known Journalist/Commentator - Specializing in Mid East/Counterterrorism to talk about recent events in Syria and Egypt.

Janette Hillis-Jaffe - www.HealForRealNow.com: Janette Hillis-Jaffe is an author and educator with an M.S. in health policy and management from the Harvard School of Public Health. Her ebook,
"THREE KEYS TO GREAT HEALTH: How to Build Commitment, Confidence, Connection and Achieve Your Health Goals," is available as a free download. Why Optimists Live Longer and Have Better Health. [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 08-20-13)

On the show this week: Dr. Philip Cicero - Why Homework Doesn't Work Dr. Cicero is the author of "The Seven Deadly Sins of the K-12 Education System.": According to Dr. Philip Cicero, a former superintendent of schools, the educational value of doing homework is more myth than fact. "The lack of relevance, tedious assignments and excessive review work are some of the reasons why this time honored practice has failed to improve student achievement and needs to be challenged."

Mai Calev - sheds new light on technology addiction and more, by explaining how we’re motivated by fear—not just when it comes to devices, but in all areas of our lives. Mai Calev is an author, motivational speaker, energy worker, and the founder of the Global Youth Delegation for Peace & Tolerance, a charity organization for world youth. Mai conducts personal energy balancing sessions and teaches workshops and seminars on The Four Pillars of Fear: Identifying and Releasing the Fears That No Longer Serve You. Her book, THE LIGHT THAT SHINES Through the Fields of Fear, is the first in a series. How we're conditioned to "need" the latest gadget through advertising and peer pressure. The simple way to tell whether you're spending too much time with your devices How we're all influenced by hidden fears through the media, co-workers, and even spouses or loved ones. [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 08-13-13)

On the show this week: Jayne Jones, JD - Authors of "Capitol Hell": Jayne Jones and Alicia Long, co-authors of Capitol Hell began their political careers working for former Senator Norm Coleman (MN) as staffers in both his St. Paul, MN and Washington, D.C. offices. Fast friends, the two stuck together through thick and thin, recently joining forces to write a novel about life as a Capitol Hill staffer.

Steve Wolf - Tactical & Personal Training: Action Hero Training author of a number of books

Janet Carafa - a professional mime who has trained with Marcel Marceau. She is a choreographer, Bikram yoga instructor and owner of the event production company YourEventSite.com. She is the author of SILENT FORTUNE, a novel inspired by her experiences as a mime performing and teaching throughout the world. [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 07-30-13)

On the show this week: Ghada Talhami - Emeritus professor in the department of politics at Lake Forest College. Author of "The Mobilization of Muslim Women in Egypt" and "Palestine in the Egyptian Press": As turmoil escalates in Egypt following a coup that successfully removed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi, the country will hold new parliamentary elections in about six months. According to a decree from the interim head of state, the vote will occur once amendments to its suspended constitution are Ok'd in a referendum that will be held within the next four and a half months. Ghada Talhami to explain the confusing issue of what’s happening in the region.

Professor George Mel - How you can help your ills by laughing at them. Dr. of Holistic medicine says that smiling and laughing at your problems can heal your problems and bring a healthier perspective to your life. [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 07-23-13)

On the show this week: Dr. Gilo Kwesi Cornell Logan - Diversity & Inclusion Consultant and Trainer Adjunct Professor: The Zimmerman trial is over, and the verdict isn't sitting well for many Americans. So, what direction should our collective conversation take? Dr. Gilo Kwesi Logan says that for African Americans, this is an opportunity to have 'the talk' with their children about what it means to be African American in America. "This also signals a time for white and Hispanic America to have 'the talk' with their children - a talk that many families feel uncomfortable broaching. We will broach it On The Street.

Behind the 'Stand Your Ground' Law: Florida isn't the only state with the Stand Your Ground law. Lisa Graves of the Center for Media and Democracy will explain the how the law came to be, and where it’s been adopted. ['Stand Your Ground'] was pushed in Florida by the NRA and then it was ratified by the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC, which is a group that's funded by some of the biggest corporations in the world.

Sharon Lynn Wyeth - she's an educator and former school administrator and the author of the best-selling "Know the Name, Know the Person.": Bookmakers have put odds on what the royal family will name the new progeny. Favorites for a boy are George, Alexander and James. We may find out the baby's name when Kate leaves the hospital, but there's speculation it could be days before we know the moniker. So, does his name matter? Does anybody's? Invite Sharon Lynn Wyeth to use the science of Neimology to explain how names shape everyone! [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 07-09-13)

On the show this week: Mark Praiseworthy: Played professional basketball with the Harlem Globetrotter team. From there he became the number one strength Coach and personal trainer in the world, working for the five NBA teams and four NFL teams. He is the only man in history to play with, train with coach, consult and advised Super Bowl Champions, Professional Boxing Champions, MVPS, Legends and hall of famers. He is coming on talking about young athletes today and their mind set and how they are drawn to make poor choices like Ex-Patriot Aaron Hernandez

Psychic Clifford Coull: Who Were You in a Past Life? For years, he's been researching reincarnation, and says we've all lived on this planet many times before - most of us just don't realize it. Invite Clifford to share how he's proven reincarnation is real, how past lives influence your personality, your intelligence level - even your sexuality - in your present life, and the surprising ways famous people are connected to the past. Psychic Clifford Coull is the author of "Like Trees Grow Together" and "Are You Wearing a Barrel?" [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET (airdate: 07-02-13)

On the show this week:

ON THE STREET (airdate: 06-25-13)

On the show this week: One of the Top 30 "Hottest Women in Politics" - Lisa Daftari (Expert on Middle Eastern Affairs)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 06-18-13)

On the show this week: Ray A. Ransom, a former gangster turned doctor, reveals what a parent must do to save a child. Also Award-winning humorists Mike Ball, a member of the Nation Society of Newspaper Columnists, recipient of the Erma Bombeck Award, and finalist for the Robert Benchly Award. [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 06-11-13)

On the show this week: Wayne and Guest co-host Jeremy Lacey talk about a new website launch for Wavlite, Inc. (www.wavlite.com)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 06-04-13)

On the show this week: Jeremy Lacey joins the program as a guest co-host with guests Joshua Vernon and Robert Lifton, an Entrepreneur andAuthor of "An Entrepreneur's Journey: Stories from a Life in Business and Personal Diplomacy". Robert Lifton is a man who has been used in diplomatic peace accords and international business ventures [...]

You will hear this and more great discussion on this episode of "On The Street" with Wayne Metrano!

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 05-21-13)

On the show this week: Ray Kenneth Clark, Author of "Just Let Me Walk Away" and Earl Littman, Americas voice for VICTORY FOR VETS

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 05-07-13)

On the show this week: Psychologist Doctor Bart Rossi

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 04-23-13)

On the show this week: Jeremy Lacey joins the program as a guest co-host

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 04-16-13)

On the show this week: Jeremy Lacey joins the program as a guest co-host

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 04-09-13)

On the show this week: Dr. Katherine Albrecht is a privacy expert, award-winning author, and broadcaster who helped develop www.Startpage.com, the world's most private search engine. She co-authored the bestselling RFID book Spychips, and hosts a daily, syndicated radio program 4-6 PM, M-F (on GCN, between Alex Jones and Free Talk Live). Katherine's efforts have put an end to human micro-chipping trials since 2007 and slowed many other invasive programs. Katherine has authored legislation and testified before the FTC and lawmakers around the globe. She has written for Scientific American and granted over 2,000 media interviews to the New York Times, NPR, the Today Show, Coast to Coast AM, and the CBS Evening News, to name just a few. Katherine was appointed by New Hampshire Governor John Lynch to serve as an expert member of the state's two-year RFID study commission. For the past two years, Katherine has shared her journey through locally advanced, Stage IIIC breast cancer on her blog and radio show. Katherine attributes her full recovery to a novel treatment plan combining conventional and complementary therapies with Phase II clinical trials. Katherine is also a Bible-believing Christian whose work explores the intersection between technology and Biblical prophecy. She has authored an illustrated children's book about Revelation and the Mark of the Beast, slated for release later this year. Katherine holds both a Doctorate in Developmental Psychology and Consumer Education and a Master's degree in Instructional Technology from Harvard University.

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 04-02-13)

This week we speak with Gary Stokes has coached presidential appointees of both parties. Stokes says many voters remain angry, impatient and judgmental with fellow citizens on the other side of the "great political divide between conservatives and liberals." Stokes will teach us how we can overcome our self-pity and become poised citizens who can heal America. We also speak with J. L. Woolbright who says that the IRS has to go if we're ever going to make progress as a nation.

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 03-26-13)

This week we speak with Guest co-host Jeremy Lacey on random topics. Check this out for a good laugh!

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 03-19-13)

This week we speak with Paula Vigneault and Delia Horwitz, Co-Authors "Collaboration Soup: A Six Step Recipe for Co-Creative Meetings and Other Conversations" - Blaming, posturing, filibustering, and name calling are just some of the behaviors exhibited by members of Congress that have led to historic lows in its public approval dating. For ordinary Americans tired of Washington gridlock, Paula Vigneault and Delia Horwitz offer a plan of action citizens can take and insights on how a divided Congress can work together. They'll explain how people can collaborate when they are angry and why it is so difficult for leaders to admit they are wrong.

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 03-12-13)

This week we speak with Robert Lifton, author of "An Entrepreneur's Journey", has been Donald Trump's landlord, talked with presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, met with Nelson Mandela and Yasser Arafat, worked with prime ministers and sultans to try to resolve the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and fended off overtures from Jimmy Hoffa - and that's just his shortlist of accomplishments. A frequent contributor to the Huffington Post on politics, the economy, and the Middle East, Robert Lifton writes about his extraordinary life. A must hear interview!

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 03-05-13)

This week we speak with Author and nutritionist Kimberly Roberson, a certified Diet Counselor and Nutrition Educator and has served on the board of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. She has worked at Sane/Freeze, CALPIRG and Greenpeace USA, and lobbied for environmental and natural health issues on the state and federal level, and at the Food and Drug Administration. Kimberly is the founder of Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network. "Silence Deafening, Fukushima Fallout...A Mother's Response" is her Frist book. Then we speak with Mary Beth Brangan, an experienced organizer at the community, state, national and international levels. She founded the successful movement to prevent a primitive nuclear waste dump in Ward Valley California on the Colorado River, source of drinking water for millions of people. Next we speak with Biologist Dr. Con Slobodchikoff. His extensive work with prairie dog language has been featured on Animal Planet's Wild Kingdom, NPR's All Things Considered, NBC's Dateline, ABC World News, and in publications like Smithsonian Magazine, National Geographic, and the New York Times. He is a professor emeritus for the department of biological sciences at Northern Arizona University, and the CEO of Animal Communications, Ltd. The author of several books, Con's latest release is "CHASING DOCTOR DOLITTLE: Learning the Language of Animals".

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 02-19-13)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 02-12-13)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 02-05-13)

This week we are talking to Kari Loya, author of "MY TOP 40 AT 40: Making the Frist Half Count", A Modern Man's Story Collection. He is an emmy-winning voice-over artist, private school administrator, and mastermind behind a James Bond-themed wedding, Kari Loya has run to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, the top of the Empire State Building, in the New York City marathon, and voiced everything from Olympic promos to in-flight videos. On this episode, we'll also hear from Maine State Senator Bill Diamond, author of "THE EVIL AND THE INNOCENT" is based on insights culled from his years as the Senate Chair of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, where he conducted hundreds of public hearings relating to sexual assault victims and sexual predators.

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 01-29-13)

This week we are talking to Ida Byrd-Hill and Valorie M. Allen

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 01-22-13)

This week we are talking to Joyce Keller, author of 4 internationally bestselling books, all endorsed by Regis, along with hosting USA's longest running live paranormal radio show heard on both AM and the web. We will also hear from Robert Lewis, Jr., Vice President for programs at The Boston Foundation, and we will also hear from Michelle Colston, author of "The Undiscovers Goddess".

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 01-15-13)

This week we are talking to Michael Boccia, Ph.D. and Elena Passarello. Plus - HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRED GEORGE!

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 01-08-13)

REPEAT: This week we are talking to Mark Edwards Davis, Dating over seas; Joesph Higgins, a Medium for people passed on; and Jim Northrup, Native American on Reservations

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 01-01-13)

Recalling the year 2012 - major events, the World not ending, and all things 2012.

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 12-18-12)

More Jobs Available?

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 12-11-12)

IS THE WORLD GOING TO END? This week we have Mayan Expert Jim Pap for some insight and a truely inspirational story and Creator of Journey Within Charity, Dan Cummings

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 12-04-12)

This week we are talking to Mark Edwards Davis, Dating over seas; Joesph Higgins, a Medium for people passed on; and Jim Northrup, Native American on Reservations

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 11-27-12)

This week we are talking to Andy Lee Roth, author of "Censored 2013", and is the head of Uncensored 2013.

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 11-20-12)

Special Guest Jeremy Lacey, CEO and President of CyberStationUSA

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 11-13-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 11-06-12)


ON THE STREET | (airdate: 10-16-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 10-02-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 09-25-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 09-11-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 09-04-12)

DNC Special!

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 08-28-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 08-14-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 07-31-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 07-24-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 07-17-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 07-10-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 07-03-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 06-26-12)

Jesse Ventura, Malcom Out Loud, Brad Bannon

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 06-05-12)

We read the BAD emails!

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 05-29-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 05-15-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 05-08-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 05-01-12)

May Day - Good, clean, fun!

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 04-24-12)

Guests Brad Bannon, Malcolm Out Loud, Chuck Collins

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 04-17-12)

In studio guest Betty Ann

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 04-10-12)

Guests Mark Steber and Art Keller. Mark Steber has more than 26 years of tax experience and deep knowledge of the federal and state tax codes. Art Keller is a writer on intelligence and national security issues. He is a former CIA case officer who served in the Counter-Proliferation Division, the unit responsible for spying on, and sabotaging, Weapons of Mass Destruction programs, including nuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons, and delivery systems (ballistic/cruise missiles/UAVs). He also worked terrorism cases, and his last assignment was as an acting Chief of Base in the tribal areas of Pakistan (Waziristan) hunting for Al Qaeda.

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 04-03-12)

Guests Marie Dubuque (hour 1) and Jeremy O'Neil (Full Metal Jousting) in hour 2. Marie Dubuque is a certified Life Coach, Etiquette expert, and Author.

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 03-27-12)

Guests Brad Bannon and Kathy Keli with a special appearance from Malcom Out Loud

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 12-06-12)

Special Guest Dr. Gordon Edwards (Regarding situation at the Fukushima Power Plant in Japan)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 03-20-12)

Guest Rachel Dealto

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 03-13-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 03-06-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 02-28-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 02-07-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 01-31-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 01-24-12)

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 01-17-12)

Guest Author Terry Marshall

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 01-10-12)

Guests CSC Barbara Khozam and ADA James Walter

ON THE STREET | (airdate: 01-03-12)

Guest Lisa Daftari (Expert on Middle Eastern Affairs)

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