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The Notty Wood Show with Rich Mahogany | Saturday at 1:00pm Eastern

About Rich Mahogany

Rich Mahogany draws his broadcast style from his love and passion for music as well as his experiences growing up in and around the local Boston Music Scene. Rich got his start in broadcasting at an early age, with a boom box/microphone set up and broadcast his ideas to anyone in the neighborhood who would listen. From those beginnings Rich, and everyone around him knew he was destined for big things. Those Big things started happening for Rich when he started, and formed his band Notty Wood. As the singer, and driving force behind the band Rich saw first hand so many countless Talented bands fall to the wayside, as they struggled to book shows attract audiences, and most importantly get much coveted Airplay on the local radio stations. It was these experience which prompted Rich to Bring his show to the CyberStationUSA Radio Network.

About The Notty Wood Show

\The Notty Wood Show started in early 2010 on The CyberStationUSA Radio Network, as a way to promote the host Rich Mahogany and his band which was named NOTTY WOOD, and its also where the show got its name. The show quickly took on a life of its own as a way to find and promote other local artists in the greater Boston area and get their music played. As the show gained in popularity with the music scene around Boston, the show expanded to make the promotion of "the local music community worldwide" it's singular goal. The effect was instantaneous as bands from all over the US, Eurpoe, and as far away as Singapore started sending their music in with bios tour dates and pleas for the Notty Wood show to help promote their music and their sound. Some of the most popular segments on the show include: The band spotlights, Ma Whites Idiot of the week, the honorable mentions, and The weekly Notty Hottie Competition to name a few. More are added with time. ENJOY - NOTTY NOTTY! \oo/

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The Notty Wood Show with Rich Mahogany - Saturday at 1:00pm Eastern

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