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Don Ecker on Larry King (Click to play; full screen capable)

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About Dark Matters Radio

Dark Matters Radio (hosted by Don Ecker) is a program about diving deep into the paranormal, UFO and conspiracies of the world we occupy — and beyond. Don has been fully integrated into the UFO field and has a strong focus on Lunar anomalies (and yes — the dark side of the moon!). Don brings you a wide variety of guests (type a name above or browse the downloads below) from authors to researchers as well as "Open-lines Friday", a platform for you to voice your thoughts and ideas. Dark Matters Radio is entertaining, educational, and above all, very exciting to listen to!

2015/2016 On-Demand / Downloads

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(R) = Repeat of Previous Guest (per request of Host and/or Guest); (S.E.) = Special Edition; (E) = Explicit; (OLF) = Open-lines Friday

Downloads are order by weekday with the newest at the top. The week number on the left corresponds to the current week number for the year (there is not and will never be a week 53)

05 Sarradet & Mike Younger (R) Adam Gorightly (R) Linda Godfrey (R) Paul Davids (R) Open-lines Friday
04 Bob Kiviat (R) Ron Regehr (R) Simone Mendez (R) L. Hansson & B. Goodman (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
03 Mad Hollywood Minute [1] (R) Mad Hollywood Minute [2] (R) Chase Brandon [1] (R) Chase Brandon [2] (R) Open-lines Friday
02 Richard Hall [1] (R) Richard Hall [2] (R) Richard Hall [3] (R) Ralph "Wolf" McCarron (R) Open-lines Friday
01 Tracy Torme (R) Tracy Torme (701) (R) Fire In The Sky (R) Lars Hansson (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
52 Vicki Ecker (R) Lars Hansson (R) Paul Stonehill (R) Christmas Special Merry Christmas!
51 Dr. Michael Shermer (R) Stan McDaniel (R) Hansson & Goodman (R) Keith Chester (R) Open-lines Friday
50 Sarradet & Mike Younger (R) Adam Gorightly (R) David Paulides (R) Biedny & Sonnenschein (R) Open-lines Friday
49 Tracy Torme Dr. Barry Taft (R) Paul Davids (R) Acharya S. (R) Open-lines Friday
48 Norio Hayakawa (R) Bob Kiviat (R) Nick Redfern (R) Cyril Wecht (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
47 Zecharia Stitchen (R) Walter Bosley (R) Kent Jeffrey (R) Larry Warren (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
46 Russ Estes/Bill Cone (R) Russ Estes/Art Bell (R) Dr. John Alexander (R) Tim Beckley (R) Open-lines Friday
45 Manchester/Cooper (R) Frank Joseph (R) Tracy Torme (701) (R) Ron Regehr (R) Open-lines Friday
44 Simone Mendez (R) Louis Jarvis (R) * Dr. Brandenburg 3 Men Hunting Monsters (R) Halloween Special! (R)
43 Karl Pflock (R) Mars Observer (R) Linda Godfrey (R) Nick Redfern (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
42 Richard Hall [3] (R) Jerry Wills (R) Long John Nebel [1] (R) Long John Nebel [2] (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
41 Ralph McCarron (R) Richard Hall [1] (R) Richard Hall [2] (R) Robbie Graham Open-lines Friday
40 John Ronner (R) Lars Hansson (R) Lazar & Huff (R) Dwight Schultz Open-lines Friday
39 Fire In The Sky (R) NASA Conspiracies (R) UFO's USSR (R) Tracy Torme (701) (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
38 Vicki Ecker (R) Mark Center (R) Chase Brandon (p1) (R) Chase Brandon (p2) (R) OLF (Kevin Randle) (R)
37 O'Brien (Stalking Herd) (R) Barry Taft (R) Keyhoe & Edwards (R) Joe Firmage (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
36 Michael Shermer (R) Gene Steinberg (R) O'Brien (Skinwalker) (R) Billy Cox (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
35 Simone Mendez (R) Keith Chester (R) John Brandenburg (R) Tracy Torme (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
34 Gary Bekkum (R) Art Bell (2001) (R) Paul Davids (R) Gus Russo (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
33 Highgate Paranormal (R) George Knapp (R) Hansson & Goodman (R) Kack Kasher (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
32 Norio Hayakawa (R) Ron Regehr (R) Kent Jeffrey (R) Tracy Torme (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
31 Vicki Ecker (R) Mark Center (R) C. Brandon 1 (R) C. Brandon 2 (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
30 Highgate Paranormal (R) David Biedny (R) Greg Bishop (R) Joe Firmage (R) Open-lines Friday
29 Fire In the Sky (R) Gene Steinberg (R) Keyhoe & Edwards (R) Gus Russo (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
28 Gary Bekkum (R) Estes on Art Bell (R) Dr. Alexander (R) Billy Cox (R) OLF Round Table (R)
27 Vicki Ecker (R) Lars Hansson (R) Paul Stonehill (UFO'S USSR) (R) Dr. Jack Kasher (R) Open-lines Friday
26 Michael Shermer (R) Stan McDaniel (R) L.Hannson & B.Goodman (R) Keith Chester (R) Open-lines Friday
25 Sarradet & Younger (R) Adam Gorightly (R) David Paulides (R) Biedny & Sonnenschein (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
24 Biedny, Moody, Meyers (R) Dr. Barry Taft (R) Paul Davids (R) Acharya S. (R) OLF - Kevin Randle (R)
23 Norio Hayakawa (R) Bob Kiviat (R) Nick Redfern (R) Cyril Wecht (R) OLF - Round Table (R)
22 Zecharia Sitchin (R) Walter Bosley (R) Kent Jeffery (R) Larry Warren (R) Open-lines Friday
21 Estes/Cone (R) Estes/Art Bell (R) Dr. Alexander (R) Tim Beckley (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
20 Manchester/Cooper Frank Joseph (R) Torme (701) (R) Ron Regehr (R) Open-lines Friday
19 Simone Mendez (R) Louis Jarvis (R) Dr. Brandenburg John Andrews (R) Open-lines Friday
18 Karl Pflock (R) Hastings (Mars Observer) (R) Linda Godfrey (R) 3 Men Hunting Monsters (R) Open-lines Friday
17 Mad Hollywood Minute (1) (R) Mad Hollywood Minute (2) (R) Sacha Christie (R) Jerry Wills (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
16 Long John Nebel (1) (R) Long John Nebel (2) (R) Chase Brandon (1) (R) Chase Brandon (1) (R) Open-lines Friday
15 Ralph McCarron (R) Richard Hall (p1) (R) Richard Hall (p2) (R) Richard Hall (p3) (R) Open-lines Friday
14 Ronner: Angelic Hosts (R) Lars Hansson (R) Lazar & Huff (R) Nancy Planeta (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
13 Torme: Fire In The Sky (R) Redfern: NASA Conspiracies (R) Stonehill: UFO's USSR (R) Tracy Torme (701) Open-lines Friday
12 O'Brien (Stalking Herd) (R) Barry Taft (R) Keyhoe & Edwards (R) Joe Firmage (R) Open-lines Friday
11 Michael Shermer (R) Gene Steinberg (R) O'Brien (Skinwalker) (R) Billy Cox (R) Open-lines Friday
10 Simone Mendez (R) Keith Chester (R) John Brandenburg (R) Tracy Torme (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
09 Gary Bekkum (R) Art Bell (2001) (R) Paul Davids (R) Gus Russo (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
08 Highgate Paranormal (R) George Knapp (R) Hansson & Goodman (R) Kack Kasher (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
07 Norio Hayakawa (R) Ron Regehr (R) Kent Jeffrey (R) Tracy Torme (R) Open-lines Friday
06 Vicki Ecker (R) Mark Center (R) C. Brandon 1 (R) C. Brandon 2 (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
05 Sitchin - When Time Began (R) Stan McDaniel (R) 3 Men Hunting Monsters (R) Autopsy (R) Open-lines Friday
04 Biedny, Moody, Meyers (R) Walter Bostly (R) Russ Estes and Bill Cone (R) Russ Estes on Art Bell (R) David Biedney (R)
03 Kevin Randall (R) David Biedny (R) Greg Bishop (R) Acharya S (R) Open-lines Friday (R)
02 Mark Center (R) Bob Kiviat (R) Tim Beckley (R) Frank Joseph (R) Open-lines Friday
01 Larry Warren (R) John Andrews (R) Dr. John Alexander (R) Ralph McCarron (R) Open-lines Friday

Dark Matters Radio Listener Feedback - "I am surprised you did not get asked to be a fill in host for Larry [King]"

Past Sins, A Novel of Supernatural Horror by Don Ecker
Past Sins - A Novel of Supernatural Horror by Host DON ECKER
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Don Ecker on NBC regarding Rosewell


If you have something you would like to add here, simply email Host Don Ecker or programs@cyberstationusa.com

"I am working at one of the Spielberg estates, as I write this, waiting for my relief after a long grave shift. You and Dark Matters helped me get through it.

I was listening to the STS48, Larry King show. Even if I knew nothing about you or the subject matter It was very obvious that they stacked the deck against you and Olburg was defensive and hostile as a distraction. You were measured and thoughtful.

It was like you were the DA with his facts (and the truth) on his side and Olberg whatever was liked a whiny public defender trying to throw stuff and hope it stuck. Larry was like Judge Ito (OJ trial) trying to keep it together but not really up to the task. I am surprised you did not get asked to be a fill in host for Larry. Maybe he was afraid you would show him up.

As for DI Pitro, you could hear the fear in his voice." -Rob

I just love your input on the ufo subject. I especially appreciate your investigative skills and your candor in dealing with so damn many flakes in ufology.

I want you to know how important and valuable your take is for me, and probably for the rest of us who are trying to separate the noise from the signal. And there is a hell of a lot of noise and bs and those who steal honor.

I count on your input and that of Kevin Randle's to guide me in military and vetting matters. I know how frustrating and disappointing it is to spend valuable time following certain people only to find out that they were con-men, or lied about credentials or worse, pretenders to military service, or all of the above.

At age 11, I bought my first telescope. I used to go up on the roof and gaze at the moon and even try to take photos through the objectives. I converted a closet into a darkroom and developed my own b&w photos. I wasn't very successful, but that didn't keep me from trying.

That was in the early sixties. Since then I've been interested in space travel, astronomy and ufos. Heard you on the Paracast and have begun listening to your Dark Matters podcast archives. I have quite a library of ufo books by authors like Hastings, Kitei, Sturrock, Haines, Feindt, Hill, Hall, Sanderson, Druffel and others. Mostly I stick to the science-based authors. I've also read many of the online ufo books, Ruppelt, Keyhoe, etc.

Anyway, just a few lines of appreciation." -MB

Don, I'm a long-time fan of yours ... well I say long-time, but not long enough - I wish I had been into your shows back in the early days (early 90's, UFOs Tonight, etc). I love hearing that old stuff. I only started following UFO history within the last 5 years. Anyway, you do a superb job, and I'm glad your still active with your shows. Your straight-ahead, take-no-crap style is refreshing. By the way, I loved hearing the old Long John Nebel shows you played in the past. I laughed so hard at the "Mystic Barber"/Andy Sinatra. What a hoot!? As far as UFO/Para podcasts go, it's your show and the Paracast that are tops."

Hello Don, your DMR shows are really awesome! Thanks also for the repeat of some past radio shows. I hope you'll put some more, they are much interesting to learn about some past affairs or major actors in the field at that time (the one with Keyhoe was such a good one!), especially for people like me who are fairly new to the field." -Brice

Really Liking Your Program - Don, hi. I just started in on your archives last week and wanted to let you know I like your style: good questions and no incense (well, except for the 60's rock - not that there's anything wrong with that). I'm one of those oddballs who believes that the truth is not "out there" and - even if it were - the masses couldn't handle it once you factor in all the ongoing mutilation stuff. As it is now, Wall Street takes a nose dive every time some terrorist just farts." - LV

"Just wanted to say what a dynamite episode Don did with Adam on 4/24. The content was great, ranging from THIS ISLAND EARTH to Jack Parsons and Terence McKenna. The calls and emails were all on the ball too (good job Ward!). But what made it even better was the mutual respect between Don and Adam: Don, a former cop and military guy with Adam, something of a counterculture psychonaut. There's a lot of distance between those apparent opposites, but the unifying fascination of this subject, mutual knowledge of each other's work and background... hey, it was a great discussion of ideas, openly by two great guys. I heartily recommend a listen to anyone who hasn't done so." -JT

"Hey Don - I just wanted to tell how much I've been enjoying your show. You have a very unique approach to your topics and you approach your guests with scrutiny and respect. I'm a working actor in LA and long time devourer of the paranormal. If you ever want a free lunch and to let a fan pick your brain, it would be an honor. Thanks for doing the show!!! Keep up the good work, amigo! Sincerely," -S

"Glad to see your back at it. You just made my work days more enjoyable!!!!!" -M

"Don Ecker is a legend. He's been investigating the paranormal and UFOs for years. His 'Dark Matters Radio' show is often excellent with big name guests. The archives from this year are available to download here at [2012 Downloads Tab at the top left of this page]" -K on Above Top Secret

"I feel this guy is very much still an insider playing some kind of shell game for those in control of the real truth, a very interesting man but I can't get past a slight unease about the guy. Col Cooper's film being lost or overlooked? No way I can buy that at all. Hmmm Wonder what you think, I understand you might not want to speculate if you want another go, terrific show all the same. look forward to the next..." -P

"Thanks Don ... great show tonight! Love to have Dr Alexander return!" - D

"Don -- can't thank you enough for getting back in the game! Many folks believe the weapon shot you are talking about was likely a rail gun kinetic shot -- not the "red-herring" beam weapons John's talking about.

I've missed all of the discussion prior to this, so I don't know what you've already asked, but I'm wondering something that anyone who's got a TS/SCI clearance would likely have: How can anyone who actually knows how compartmentalization works believe he's capable of reaching "ground-truth" on any topic he's not been specifically read-in on? Having TS/SCI+ clearances myself, I would never delude myself into thinking I could find out anything truly compartmentalized without having a clear need to know -- unless someone who did know bent/broke the law. Don't bother asking if you've already covered it -- I'll listen to the whole show later on the archives. :)" -D

"I enjoy the show very much. I appreciate the historic aspect of the research everyone has done. It really helps put new "Discoveries" into perspective.I am so tired of all these channeled communications from whatever source of the day or the "Spirit de jour" as I call them. I have cancelled all my subscription to such shows as Veritas, C2C, ect. Mr Rich Sarradet can wax philosophical or technical any time he wants to.He is quite enjoyable as is Mr Don Ecker. I am currently listening to all of the archives and love them all. Thanks for outing Bill Cooper and other charlatans and thank you for staying away from all the channeled Ra crap." -K

(From the Paracast) - "I am sick of the "two" or "he who shall not be named" or whatever the reference is to Meier or Horn is. I'm not. Such a childish and bullshit game. True dat. But so what. Lighten up Mr. Serious Pants. FFS just call them by their real names and get off this schoolyard, petty crap. It makes people who are unfamiliar curious. Curiosity leads to questions. Questions lead to answers. Answers lead to enlightenment. Enlightenment leads to....profit.

To add some content. In addition to the Paracast episodes, there are many really great Dark Matters episodes you should listen to. Go here. ... Have a look around. Lots of historical episodes, plenty of controversy and a good deal of just plain interesting topics are discussed. Practically every big name in ufology is either discussed at length or interviewed directly. Don Ecker is not shy and bluntly states his opinions. He is a very entertaining host."

"Well Don I just wanted to say with out being too corny, thank you. You were one of my main inspirations to starting my own website way back when. All these years later your credibility holds strong. Unlike another early friend who helped me by pointing me to tripod back in 98. His name was Bill Knell. LOL! Most of us know all about this guy by now I hope. I even bought one of his stupid boot leg vhs tapes and was trying to figure out, duh, why it was so rough. Thanks again Don and be sure to let me know when your show fires back up. I've been fighting computer problems for months now myself. Getting closer though" - J

"Hi Don, THANK YOU!!! :-D" - C

"Don, your show is the best man! Thanks for the kickass way that you approach UFO interviews" - N

"At risk of sounding like an ass-kisser, why the hell did they pick George Noory to replace Art instead of Don if they were aware of Don? I can't even listen to that guy. He doesn't have a tenth of the radio personality that Don does, and frankly, he and his material are just boring (and largely idiotic). I can't even listen to that show without my eyes glazing over 20 seconds into it.

I've now listened to every show Don has put up, and I think there are only about three that I didn't really enjoy, (but were still good enough to listen to) and I think the best show I've ever heard *anyone* do is the "Someone else is on the moon" episode with Vito Saccheri.

Art really knew how to run an entertaining radio show, and they replaced him with a dullard when they could have replaced him with an expert in the field of the weird with a similar if not superior radio presence. I just don't get it." - from the Paracast

"Your show on [Dark Matters Radio] is the only one I listen to. You have been responsible for getting more truth and information out to the public than anyone else.I have had memberships on other shows that didn't have as much content as yours.I would pay a membership fee to listen to you." - M

"Don: Just a handful of words to say, keep up the superb work that you have steadily maintained for so many years. You combine a finely honed no B.S. detector of a police detective, with an open minded curiosity of what genuine reporting is all about. Your combat skills in the war for truth are among the best around. Your courage and homework are exceptional. It is a delight to listen, as you fire rounds of high velocity well spoken truth based on careful research. Such research may lead to disclosure of unpleasant truths. A world whose even sovereignty, may be in peril. The examination of such challenges is why is why I respect Rich Dolan and his courage so greatlyand why I weighed in his defense when he dared to raise this. For my question is what happened in the events described below. These questions must be answered--before a clock ticks down." - V

"Hi, Mr Ecker, Just a short note to let you know I think Dark Matters is a great show. Thanks for making an interesting and informative programme. Cheers, All the best" Yorkshire, England UK -R

"Don't get down my friend, you have a great show. Your show on the delusional Kolonel Kal Korff was some of the best radio I have heard in years and matches any of Art Bell's best shows, in fact it was nothing short of brilliant! Not that I am trying to compare you with Bell, your shows are consistently good with in depth questioning not found elsewhere in the world of paranormal radio broadcasting. Believe me I have listened to most of them and most are amateurish and mediocre at best."-M

"...Hands down, your show is the best out there! ... P.S. The songs your put on your show are great..." -N

Dark Matters Radio - Monday - Friday at 10pm Pacific

"This is hands down the best UFO related podcast online today. Don Ecker conducts the show with a level of professionalism and knowledge that is unparalleled today. Where as the Paracast suffers from endless commercials and an intolerable liberal political slant, DMR is drama free, full of substance, and always fascinating. Moreover, Don has the most extensive archive of past shows featuring a literal "who's who" of UFO players. If UFOs are your thing, DMR is your one stop resource for the best material and most in depth interviews. For those free thinkers, Friday night's with co-host Richard Sarradet are always a blast." -- Without limits09
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