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BmoreOpinionated with Jason La Canfora & Jerry Coleman | Friday at 7 P.M. Eastern

BmoreOpinionated (2018 Week 10)

On this episode: Shaquem Griffin

BmoreOpinionated (2018 Week 09)

On this episode: Ed O'Brannon

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 01-19-18)

On this episode:

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 12-29-17)

On this episode:

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 11-17-17)

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BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 09-22-17)

On this episode:

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 08-11-17)

On this episode: Muggsy Bogues and the unstoppable Dunbar boys who stole the hearts of Baltimore

Muggsy Bogues joins the pod ahead of ESPN's 30 for 30 special, "The Boys of Baltimore." The diminutive giant of Baltimore basketball talks the unprecedented and one-in-a-million story of the 1981-1983 Dunbar High School team that would not be stopped.

We also talk an encouraging week at Camden Yards ahead of the O's trip out west, the Ravens' growing infirmary, and catch up with journeyman Tight End Phillip Supernaw whose life was a revolving door at The Castle in Owings Mills before finding his footing with the Tennesee Titans.

Plus we have our Minor Leaguers of the Week, Jerry's homework, Jason's married guy rant, and more!

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 08-04-17)

On this episode: Adam Gase has stories from down the ocean to distract us from "No Plan Dan"

As we recover from the deafening silence of the Orioles' trade deadline, the boys try to digest "No Plan Dan" Duquette's lack of activity, the Ravens' multiple cases of foot-in-mouth, and more!

First, Jason and Jerry lay into the O's front office for sitting on their hands at the deadline, and try to figure out where the team goes from there.

Then, as the Ravens continue to try to recover from the injury bug, John Harbaugh and Steve Bisciotti are dealing with a self-made PR battle regarding the potential addition of Collin Kaepernick in the wake of Joe Flacco's achy back.

To help distract us from all the drama in Bmore, Miami Dolphin's Head Coach Adam Gase talks to Jason about marrying into a true Maryland family as he regails us with stories from Ocean City, MD, his father-in-law Joe Vitt, and more!

And, as always, we have Jerry's homework, Jason's Married Guy rant, and plenty of other banter. Check it out!

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 07-28-17)

On this episode: Buster Olney is sending S.O.S. signals as Orioles face potential Iceberg

As we wrap up what seems like our months-long preview of this ever-important trade deadline for the O's, we bring in yet another one of baseball's finest writers to give final insight on what the rest of the league anticipates from the birds.

Buster Olney of ESPN.com and the Baseball Tonight podcast makes his BMOShow debut, sharing the perspectives of rival GM's on Dan Duquette's "plan," mentoring a young Jason LaCanfora at the Baltimore Sun, as well as life on the farm... No, not Aberdeen or Delmarva, but an actual dairy farm!

Plus, the boys preview the start of Ravens camp as the team looks to compensate for roster losses due to injuries and otherwise.

And as always, we have Jerry's homework, Jason's Married Guy rant, our minor leaguer of the week... as well as some bonus storytime with Coleman that will surely elicit many facepalms.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 07-14-17)

On this episode: Orioles, Ravens, and The Streak with longtime Baltimore sports columnist John Eisenberg

As we enter the second half of what's been a turbulent year for the birds of Baltimore, it's time to give our mid-season grades! Jason and Jerry break down the performance of each Oriole from Schoop, Trey, and Manny... all the way down to the Norfolk shuttle. (5:00)

John Eisenberg of BaltimoreRavens.com also joins the show to talk all things Baltimore sports along with his new book, "The Streak: Lou Gehrig, Cal Ripken Jr., and Baseball's Most Historic Record." John explains his process of putting the book together, comparing and contrasting Gehrig to Ripken, and also shares his insight on the state of the O's as well as the Ravens in a fantastic conversation. (42:00)

We also talk to Jerry about his quest to hunt down bigfoot - I mean John Daly at Caves Valley this week on the PGA Champions Tour, Jason gives a major update on LeVeon Bell's situation in Pittsburgh, plus much more!

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 07-07-17)

On this episode: Talking the Minor League life with O's prospect Austin Hays!

On the other side of the Fourth and now comfortably into summer, we at B-More Opinionated continue to soldier through another rough week of Orioles baseball. As the trade deadline inches nearer every day, the guys continue their hope that the team doesn't fool themselves into being buyers.

While the O's struggle in the big leagues, they're sporting some shining sources of optimism down on the farm. BMO Show was lucky enough to catch up with top outfield prospect, Bowie Baysox CF Austin Hays! Austin talks about life in the minor leagues, his aspirations going forward, and his approach during his monster first half this year across multiple levels.

As always we catch up on Jerry's latest homework assignment, a slimy Married Guy Rant, and our Minor Leaguer of the Week (besides Austin Hays, of course!)

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 06-30-17)

On this episode: (Plausibly) Live from Chatter with Tony Kornheiser!

B-More Opinionated takes a field trip this week down the Baltimore-Washington Parkway to visit with dear friend of the show, Dr. Tony Kornheiser!

Live from the This Show Stinks! studios at the beautiful Chatter restaurant on Wisconsin Ave in D.C., Jerry and Jason discuss another foot-in-mouth situation for Dan Duquette and the Orioles.

Then, we welcome in the legend himself - Tony Kornheiser. Tony and the boys discuss ventures in the podcast world, his new restaurant, the latest in Washington sports collapses, and his favorite memories of Camden Yards!

And as always, we have Jerry's homework (with YOUR input), Jason's Married Guy Rant, and more!

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 06-16-17)

On this episode: Academy Award Winner Barry Levinson vents about the O's, and Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden joins the show

It's a jam-packed BMO Show this week, as we have not one but two guests... and a rant for the ages.

First we cover the Ravens', catching up on the addition of Jeremy Maclin, and talking Dennis Pitta's injury and future potential of the receiving corps with Joe Flacco.

We also sit down with a Ravens legend, Hall of Fame lineman Jonathan Ogden to talk his mentorship of Ronnie Stanley, as well as his relationship with the Ravens and the city of Baltimore.

Then, we change topics to something that has been brewing for months on this podcast: Jason LaCanfora's official (well-prepared!) case to fire Orioles' GM Dan Duquette. Jason fully recaps Duquette's tenure in Baltimore and discusses exactly why the move cannot wait.

Finally, Academy Award winning filmmaker Barry Levinson joins the pod to let off his own steam about the Orioles, as well as his recent and upcoming film projects with HBO!

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 06-09-17)

On this episode: Baltimore's Cinderellas of Soccer; Plus Ravens' OTA Injury Woes

While the Orioles continue to throw Triple-A pitchers into high leverage situations and the Ravens lose key playmakers in meaningless practices, we catch up with the most undercovered Baltimore sports story today!

Christos F.C., your favorite local semi-pro soccer club, have played their way from the beer league to competing in the U.S. Open Cup with MLS giants D.C. United. Team Captain and lead striker Pete Caringi III joins the pod and talks about the less than improbable road that has led Christos F.C. to serious cup contention.

Jason LaCanfora and Jerry Coleman also discuss the difficult week at The Castle, where the Ravens lost CB Tavon Young for the year, and TE Dennis Pitta - potentially for his career. Meanwhile Dan Duquette and the Orioles' developmental strategies (or lack thereof) remain a thorn in the side of many fans - particularly those co-hosting the podcast.

And as always, we have Jerry's homework, Jason's Married Guy Rant, our Minor Leaguer of the Week, and much more!

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 06-02-17)

On this episode: The Cooler Duquette - Former O's & Mets Exec. Jim Duquette reviews and forecasts O's Front Office decisions

As the Orioles look to put the month of May behind them, we at B-more Opinionated have taken it upon ourselves to talk about the tough decisions the O's front office faces - with a Duquette, no less!

Former O's & Mets executive, Analyst on MLB.com and MLB Network Radio, and Dan's own cousin Jim Duquette joins the show to discuss the process of developing talent, what options the team may have via trade, and their chances with looming free agents such as Manny Machado.

Jason La Canfora and Jerry Coleman go further in depth on the birds' woes, as well as our Minor Leaguer of the Week, Jerry's homework assignment, and Jason's married-guy rant!

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 05-19-17)

On this episode:

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 05-05-17)

On this episode:

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 03-31-17)

On this episode:

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 03-24-17)

On this episode: Former Raven Kyle Juszczyk Checks in About His New Fat Check

You never get a better perspective on a team's locker room than from a guy who just left it. The All Pro fullback, Kyle HugeCheck, gives you his take on what it's like being a Raven. Plus O's, Terps, and you know.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 03-17-17)

On this episode: Tony Jefferson and Danny Lee: Say Hello and Goodbye to Bmore "Stars"

The newest Raven, Tony Jefferson, was in town for a press conference and got a little more than he bargained for with the semi snow storm... We're going to go ahead and blame that storm for stealing some of the quality of the conversation but you still get to know the safety better before he dons the purple and black. The main attraction this week: Coleman finally completed his Orioles related homework.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 03-10-17)

On this episode: Bmoreopinionated Emergency Free Agency Broadcast

Free agency is moving fast so the guys needed to get Bmore their update at the right time. Who has all the latest news and rumors? Bmoreopinionated's own, JLC.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 03-03-17)

On this episode: Let's Head to Sarasota with Don Stanhouse

The O's are actually playing games... kind of... So Jerry trekked to Sarasota to catch up with the team, including Jason's favorite member of the organization. The Florida trip also hooked the podcast up with an Oriole legend with some unbelievable stories about his time with the club, Don Stanhouse.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 02-24-17)

On this episode: Is Spring Here Already? Hearing from John Angelos is a Good Sign

The guys have been talking about this ever since their trip to the Warehouse... John Angelos makes his second appearance and he delivers his unique perspective on his team, the world of baseball, and well... the world. The Executive Vice President of the Orioles is always very generous with his time on the pod, so the guys get all of the usual business out of the way first then dive deep with John.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 02-17-17)

On this episode: Phil Chenier Brings Basketball Full Circle in Baltimore

The former All Star shooting guard for the Baltimore Bullets and current Wizards broadcaster breaks down the Wiz's season like few can. He also gets historical about the days of the franchise being in Baltimore and his life in the city. The guys would never leave out Bmore's two true organizations, and really focus on their offseason.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 02-10-17)

On this episode: Ed Reed isn't shy about his opinion of the NFL

The Baltimore Legend drops by now that football season is in the books to talk about LI, his time in Bmore, and what the future holds for him. Unlike some of his peers as a player, Ed did not seek as much publicity and rarely sat down for full interviews with the media, but he did not mince words with the guys. You have to hear some of his takes on the state of the NFL.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 02-03-17)

On this episode: Getting Set for LI and Spring Training

The guys switch roles this week as Jason is on the road instead of Jerry. The events of both of their recent trips come up as topics, but the guys focus on what's going down in Houston and how the teams in MD are doing, whether they are playing or not.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 01-27-17)

On this episode: The Next Big O You Need to Know - Trey Mancini

Bmore has been getting a taste of spring weather, so the guys get ready for bat cracks and called strike three's with one of the O's top prospects, Trey Mancini. He has a lot of fun with the guys talking about his stint in the show, his offseason, and his role coming into Spring.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 01-20-17)

On this episode: Sports Marketing 101 with Former O's Exec Marty Conway

What's working behind the scenes to bring our favorite Bmore sports teams into our homes on all the different platforms we have available to us? A former marketing exec for the O's and Rangers, Marty Conway, joins to shed some light on what drives the marketing engine and what the future could hold for Baltimore's franchises.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 01-13-17)

On this episode: The State of the Ravens is not as Sorry with Bart Scott

The new year is supposed to bring hope and new beginnings, and all of Baltimore was hoping for that with their sports teams. Bart Scott sheds some light on what to expect from the Ravens after hearing the brass talk about the off season. More of the same to come in Bmore? The guys break it all down for you.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 12-30-16)

On this episode: It's Finally the End of 2016... Who Really Wants to Look Back?

Tough year... A tough year for Bmore, but the guys are up for taking a look back. They start with the most recent disappointment, and work their way back through it all

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 12-23-16)

On this episode: Eric Weddle and Mike Mitchell Get In Your Face for the NFL's Best Rivalry

You know this podcast won't mince words, and neither do the defensive generals of the Ravens and Steelers, Eric Weddle and Mike Mitchell. Get up close to the Christmas Day rivalry game and personal with two of the most outspoken players that will play on Heinz Field.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 12-16-16)

On this episode: December Football is Heating Up Bmore

The Monday Night Football debacle is a tough pill for Bmore to swallow, so J & J discuss went wrong and how the team moves forward. Just to make sure it's not all doom and gloom about the Ravens this week, the guys have fun recounting Jerry's encounter with The Hoodie, Bill Belichick. The Winter Meetings are over and it's time to dig into the O's off season too.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 12-09-16)

On this episode: No Feelings Were Hurt in the Making of Steve Smith Sr.'s Interview

Few players can make waves in the media like number 89. He ruffles feathers all over the country, and even right here in Bmore... one half of BmoreOpinionated in particular. Steve is more open than you've heard before about the team and his future.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 12-02-16)

On this episode: Justin Tucker Doesn't Always Choose Dos Equis... But He Is The Most Interesting Man on the Ravens

The showman, the face of the franchise, the MVP? Justin Tucker is in the conversation for many titles on the Ravens, but BmoreOpinionated knows one thing for sure - he is the most entertaining of all the Ravens. What a hell of a week to get the pro bowler on, too.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 11-25-16)

On this episode: The Academy Award Winning Episode... With Filmmaker Barry Levinson

Even with all the spectacular athletes, highly respected managers and visionary executives that have graced the pod, few have made the kind of impact on American culture like Barry Levinson. Most importantly though, none of them have been as big of a Baltimore sports fan. Barry spends a lot of time talking with the guys about the state of the city's sports, as well as some of the stories making headlines around the country. He even teases a bit about his upcoming work. Barry is a perfect fit on the pod as he is not afraid to give his opinion.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 11-18-16)

On this episode: Hanging Out with Joe Flacco and the High Flying Ravens

Jerry has flooded the Ravens' locker room with cookies and it's starting to pay off with two wins in one week. One of the most gracious recipients, Joe Flacco, took a little time to talk with the guys at practice to get all of you ready for the game in Big D.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 11-11-16)

On this episode: Former Raven and Brown Ernest Byner Gets You Psyched for Primetime

Being a member of the Ravens' Ring of Honor, a former department head in the Purple and Black's front office, and a player for the Cleveland Browns qualifies Ernest Byner as an expert on this wee's AFC North matchup on Thursday night. The guys know sports aren't the only thing on everyone's mind, so they try to have some fun... amidst the despair, with the election results coming in.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 11-04-16)

On this episode: Bill Cowher – A Former Foe Gets You Ready for the Steelers

Who would have thought that Baltimore could forgive Bill Cowher, but since he put the clip board down, he's been embraced by fans around here. He drops by to lend his experience in THE rivalry to get ready during Steelers week with the guys.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 10-28-16)

On this episode: Break Out the Scalpels... Time to Dissect the Ravens' First Half Cadaver

The Ravens' season is caught in a "death spiral" as the team heads into their bye week, so the docs put on their lab coats and diagnose what's wrong with the Purple and Black. It's hard to find positives, but with Jerry catching all the sunshine in Florida, the guys have a whole lot of fun

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 10-21-16)

On this episode: NFL Insiders Don't Push the Panic Button on the Ravens

Jason and Jerry dig deep into what's happened to the Ravens in their last couple of losses, but really set their sights on the next trip to New York. With the AFC North in shambles, the guys don't think the Purple and Black are shrouded by dark clouds yet, but this next game will be very telling. The guys talk about the MLB playoffs and how other teams have followed the bad model the O's set.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 10-14-16)

On this episode: Coach Harbs' Former Boss, Joe Banner, Weighs in on The Ravens OC

Joe Banner was the President of the Philadelphia Eagles when John Harbaugh and Marty Mornhinweg were part of the organization. He is an analyst for ESPN now, and he drops some knowledge on what their relationship was like coming up. The guys review the Ravens tough loss, and project how their trip to New York will go. Plus the Orioles off season has already begun so Jason & Jerry start to talk about what they think needs to happen.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 10-07-16)

On this episode: One Tough Week as Bmore's Birds Get Their Wings Clipped

Jason isn't the only O's fan that needs a visit from a baseball shrink as the O's season came to an abrupt end. A very rough outcome to swallow, coupled with the Ravens first loss of the year, makes the good weather this week feel more like the rainy one Bmore had last week. Regardless of the mood, you can always count on Jerry to find the silver linings, and the guys have their usual fun.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 09-30-16)

On this episode: Summer Ends with the Ravens Rolling and the O's Pushing

Get inside the huddle of the Ravens with our team insiders. The best preview for Sunday is always found here, and so is the most heated O's talk. The guys look towards what the Birds are facing during their push to play in October and what to expect from them if they do.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 09-23-16)

On this episode: DJ Durkin and the Hot Football Teams in MD

We all know it's early in the season and now is the time to keep expectations tempered, but it's impossible to not be excited about some undefeated football teams! Maryland Football Head Coach DJ Durkin joins Jason and Jerry to talk a bit about the program, and how his freshman season is going. The Ravens are undefeated too, so the guys break down last weeks game and look ahead to Jacksonville. With all of that going on, J & J did not forget about the closest team to making the playoffs, the O's.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 09-16-16)

On this episode: Pack Up for the Trip to Cleveland with Terrance West

Jason & Jerry tackled week one's preview on their own, but this time around they wanted to get half of the Ravens' backfield on to discuss the upcoming game. Terrance West has a history with the Browns and the guys wanted to tap into that along with his roots in Baltimore. The O's push for the playoffs is a focus on the pod as usual, and Jason gives a peak behind the curtain of NFL Today.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 09-09-16)

On this episode: Two Ravens Insiders Preview the Season’s Kickoff

Sometimes there's no room on the pod for any more experts than the two currently employed by BmoreOpinionated. Jason & Jerry take care of looking at this weekend's game against the Bills and project how the Purple and Black's season will pan out. They didn't forget the O's as they hunt for October, so the guys discuss the roster and review how the team has been performing.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 08-26-16)

On this episode: Big Ben McDonald Dives into his Trip fomr the Bayou to Birdland

Former Orioles pitcher and current Orioles Radio Network color commentator, Ben McDonald, revisits his up close look at the Birds with the guys. The Orioles' number one pick in the 1988 draft is as close with the team as anyone when he's in Baltimore, even if he is spending most of his time helping repair the damage in his hometown of Baton Rouge. Before Jason and Jerry pick his brain, they cover the biggest topics surrounding the Purple and Black as the real dress rehearsal is this week.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 08-12-16)

On this episode: Ken Rosenthal Makes a House Call & Jason Finally Talks Football

With the Orioles making their final trip out west, the guys called up Fox Sports' MLB insider, Ken Rosenthal, who moonlights as Jason's baseball therapist and realist. The diamond isn't the only focus as Jerry's desire to talk more in depth on the Ravens is quenched as preseason is upon us. There is no better place to get prepared for the newest edition of the purple and black kickoff than right here.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 08-05-16)

On this episode: A Rare Look at the Man Named Ray Rice

Not many people in the media know former Baltimore Raven, Ray Rice, like Jason and Jerry. Check out how he lays out what life is like for him now, how his career aspirations have changed dramatically, and what life really means to him going forward. The guys have a little fun with him amidst the serious tone of the interview in a way that only Coleman can achieve. All the essentials of every episode are there too, so don't fret, J & J didn't forget that there is plenty going on in Baltimore sports too.

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 07-29-16)

On this episode: The [Baltimore Orioles] hit the road and the Raven's head into town

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 07-22-16)

On this episode: Tony Kornheiser Acclimates to Podcasting

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 07-15-16)

On this episode: Cal Ripken Takes Some Swings

BmoreOpinionated (airdate: 07-01-16)

On this episode: Coleman's Ego is Well Don After Kenny Albert Hit the Pod

About Jason La Canfora & Jerry Coleman

Jason La Canfora

Jason La Canfora is a lifelong resident of Baltimore, more or less, save for college and a few years here or there. Born and raised in Highlandtown, he grew up, literally, in Patterson Park, playing soccer for St. Elizabeth's and The Boy's Club and Little League for Highlandtown Exchange. His parents have been in the same East Baltimore rowhome for nearly 45 years, and now residing in Towson, his children are still well accustomed to the old neighborhood, whether it be ice skating at Mimi DiPietro rink, playing soccer at Du Burns Arena or grabbing dinner at Matthew's Pizza.

La Canfora, a graduate of Loyola Blakefield, interned at The Baltimore Sun in college while attending Syracuse, learning under luminaries like Ken Rosenthal and Buster Olney, and was hired by that paper out of college, covering the Orioles as well as local news. A devout sports fan, he attended Colts, O's, Clippers and Skipjacks games as a kid, still has a ton of old Blast paraphernalia, he actually covered the Stallions during their brief stint, and even has some Baltimore Lightning ticket stubs at his mom's house somewhere (oh, and a ticket stub from Game 2 of the 1983 World Series which he attended as well). As a teenager he contributed to The East Baltimore guide and The Orioles' Gazette and knew at a young age that he wanted to pursue a career in the sports media.

La Canfora left B-more in January 1997 to cover the Detroit Red Wings for the Detroit Free Press and returned home in 1999 after being hired to cover hockey by The Washington Post. During his five years covering the Washington Capitals for the paper he resided in Canton (the Caps still practiced in Odenton at the time) and finally made the jump, kicking and screaming, to Arlington, VA in 2004 when he moved to the Skins beat for the paper (the fact that two of his children were born in Virginia, and not MD, still gets under his skin). La Canfora and his family, which includes his wife, Lauren, and children Chloe, Rocco and Matteo, moved back to the Baltimore area in 2008, and in 2009 he left The Post for The NFL Network.

La Canfora, who won numerous APSE sports writing awards during his time at newspapers, joined CBS in 2012 as the network's NFL Insider, contributing to the NFL Today and CBS's game coverage, as well as reporting for The CBS Sports Network and CBSSports.com. He has co-hosted national shows for CBS Sports Radio and locally for CBS affiliate 105.7, and has a wide breadth of knowledge about the local scene as well as a national profile and contacts throughout the sports world, which provides a unique perspective and breadth to the podcast. He has worked alongside Jerry Coleman in various capacities the past 12 years including past stints co-hosting on the radio, where they developed a friendship and chemistry that provides a tangible backbone to their weekly chats.

Jerry Coleman

Jerry Coleman has vast experience covering every major sporting event from the Ravens Super Bowl XXXV triumph in Tampa, to Cal Ripken Jr. breaking Lou Gehrig's consecutive games streak. From Game Seven of a Stanley Cup Final, to the U.S. Open, NCAA Tournament, or the Orioles trip to Cuba, Jerry has been there, always asking the tough questions and getting the news out first. Jerry has covered nine Super Bowls, two World Series, two NBA Finals, two Stanley Cups, the U.S. Open, the Davis Cup, two NBA All-Star Games, MLB All-Star Game, NHL All-Star Game, more than 18 runnings of the Preakness, and several Heavyweight Championship bouts.

Jerry is someone who not only talks about sports, but lives it by being there. Coleman, a Baltimore resident who grew up in Pikesville, has previously served as a Washington Redskins "Beat Reporter" for Sports Talk 980 in Washington, D.C., in addition to WBAL/98 Rock. Jerry also was assistant Program Director at Fox 1370 Sports Radio in Baltimore and hosted an afternoon drive show.

He currently serves as 105.7 The Fan's Ravens & Orioles beat reporter along with hosting various weekend & special programming shows.

About BmoreOpinionated

B-More Opinionated, Hosted By CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora and 105.7 Reporter & Host Jerry Coleman. Both are veterans in the Baltimore sports Radio, TV, & Print community.

As the title indicates, this is a hyper-local production that aims to connect with not just sports fans in the Baltimore area, but also people of all walks of life who will be drawn to our content, guests and passion for the city we love.

The easy chemistry and sense of humor within the podcast mesh well with the organic nature of this medium, and we are creating a space where someone like John Waters or Barry Levinson will feel as at ease as someone like Joe Flacco, who we have been covering since his 1st day. Our lifelong knowledge of Baltimore sports allows us to be versatile and entertaining

Simply put, we have skillsets, expertise, experiences and access that you cannot find anywhere else in this market, and we are both fully dedicated to delivering weekly episodes that will attract an array of listeners.

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