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Cameo Entertainment Groups' CyberStationUSA has taken the position that radio is radio, is radio, whether that be terrestrial, satellite, or online, and thus provides quality value to our advertisers. We put our audiences first. We give them what they want. We engage them, entertain them, and integrate them fully with our exclusive quality programming. Join us, and join the future of the radio and social networking industries!

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If you would like to speak with us regarding sales and advertising or would like to speak to us about advertising rates and packages, email your name and contact information (email and phone with a time frame to reach you) to:

ABSOLUTELY NO Audio or Video Content, Programming, Station ID's, Liners, or Commercials, in part or in whole, may be recorded, rebroadcast, syndicated, or distributed by any individual, group, company, media outlet, organization, or broadcast platform, whether terrestrial, satelite, or online without the express written permission of Cameo Entertainment Group. Violators will be subject to all civil and/or criminal actions and/or penalties permissible under the laws of the United States of America, and legal action will be aggressively pursued against any and all infringing parties by Cameo Entertainment Group.


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