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Program Day Time
After Hours Sunday 12:00a
Brother Don's Sunday Services Sunday 09:00a
Dark Matters Radio Weekdays 01:00a
Jazz Expansions Wednesday 08:00p
Jazz Journeys Wednesday 07:00p
Last Call Friday 09:00p
Living & Learning Sunday 07:30p
Morphelius Tuesday 12:00a
Music Friday Friday 08:00p
Off The Rails! Weekdays 03:00p
On The Street Saturday 07:00p
Ripley Radio Weekdays 12:00p
Rock the Joint Saturday 10:30p
The Best of Times Saturday 10:00a
The Entertainment Fallery Wednesday 10:00p
The J Man Show Saturday 05:00a
The Jazz Room Wednesday 10:30p
TheJoeShow Thursday 11:00p
The Nottywood Show Tuesday 09:00p
The Rubber Room Saturday 10:00p
The Stuph File Weekdays 06:00p
The Tom & Jerry Sports Show Sunday 06:30p
The Total Tutor Sunday 06:30p
The Ultimate Party Hour Saturday 11:00p
The Yearbook Saturday 09:00p
Total Education Network Weekdays 01:00p
Vicious Vinyl Saturday 02:00a
What's for Dinner? Monday 07:30p
Peace On Earth (Station Image ID)
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Wavlite - Music for YOUR generation!

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